Bathroom, Kitchen & Laundry Leaks

One of the most common problems in properties is leaking wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries.

  • Regularly check for water leaks. If carpet or other flooring is wet, sponge and dry area. Try to locate where the leak is originating. Check chalking, taps, showerheads.
  • Advise our office and we will appropriate the correct response.

Blocked Sink, Shower or Toilet

Major blockages should be reported to our office ASAP, however, if your sink, shower or toilet takes a long time to drain there are few checks to follow

Bathroom Sink

  • Clear any hair and old soap cakes from waste pipe and U bend.
  • Place bucket under the pipe, unscrew pipe and remove all debris. Re attach the pipe.
  • Pour boiling water or drain cleaner down the drain.

Kitchen Sink

  • Remove old food scraps.
  • Pour boiling water or drain clean down the drain.
  • Never put oil or fat down the drain.


  • Squirt a generous amount of dishwashing detergent down the bowl and then pour several litres of hot water down the bowl.
  • Use plunger firmly against the blockage.