Child care assistance Natural disaster clause

Child care assistance Natural disaster clause

Emergencies and natural disasters

There is assistance available to families and providers in various types of potential emergencies and natural disasters, like bushfires or floods.

For Families Absences

You can be paid Child Care Subsidy when your child is absent from sessions of care they would normally attend for up to 42 days per child, per financial year for any reason, including due to a local emergency.
If your child has used their initial (42) absence days, you may be paid Child Care Subsidy for additional absence days due to a local emergency in these circumstances:

  •  the child care service was closed as a direct result of a period of local emergency; or
  •  the child cannot attend as a direct result of a period of local emergency (for example, because they are unable to travel to the service), if:
  •  the period is still underway; or
  •  the period ended not more than 28 days before the absence; or
  • you decide the child should not attend the service for up to seven days immediately following the end of a period of local emergency.

Your child care provider must first contact the Department of Education and Training before reporting additional absences due to a period of local emergency. More information on absences can be found in the absences from child care fact sheet.

ACCS (temporary financial hardship)

Am I eligible?

If you:

  •  are affected by a natural disaster like a bushfire or flood, and
  •  are currently using child care and having difficulty in paying child care fees, then you may be eligible for ACCS (temporary financial hardship).


What do I need to do?


  •  Apply by accessing your Centrelink online account through myGov or by visiting a Centrelink office and applying in person.
  •  You will need to provide evidence as part of the claim process.


When can I apply?

You can apply anytime within the next six months after the natural disaster was declared.