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Raymond McConville

Raymond McConville

CEO & Founder

The reason I first got involved in Property Management and why I started Totally Rentals, was because I could identify the common problem in the industry. That problem is that real estate agents do not prioritise property management. A vast majority of real estate agents treat property management as a secondary revenue stream. The lack of importance they place on handling specific tasks required of them can sometimes show.

Traditionally, real estate agents who dabble in Property Management, outsource everything and quite often are one-sided in their approach, working solely for the owners. This only ever results in negative experiences, not only for the tenants but ultimately for all parties.

Totally Rentals operate a business that prides itself on exceeding and changing the expectations of our clients. We strive to ensure that we deliver prioritised customer service to landlords and tenants.

Our property managers are skilled in handling most maintenance tasks in-house. Furthermore, we are willing to gain further qualifications to allow us to handle additional maintenance tasks outside of our existing skillsets.

Our preferred Property Management style in regards to maintenance is one that is proactive. We are able to identify maintenance issues and rectify them, often before tenants report them. Personally, I have a background in building and pest control, and Matt maintains his building licence, giving our agency an unparalleled competitive advantage over all other Property Management Agencies in the local area.

Totally Rentals will always give the final say on who rents any property to the owner. We simply collect applications, screen and qualify the most suitable applicants based on specified requirements, for the owner’s final approval.

Totally Rentals believes that if an owner wishes to have a close friend or family member lease their property, it is best that the owner handles all aspects of Property Management, and Totally Rentals would be best to step aside, or risk interference.