4 Reasons we DON’T Outsource our Property Management Services

Being a property management service is a huge job. There’s lots of responsibility, a massive amount of work and many people relying on us to make their lives easier. Like every other property manager out there, we want to impress our clients with great services in order to retain their business. The difference between us and other agencies, however, is that we’ve actually gone out and asked people, both property owners and tenants, about their real-life experiences with property managers and real estate agencies compared to their expectations, in order to see how we’re succeeding and where we can improve. The most interesting feedback we got was this: 100% of the people we spoke to said that their property managers outsourced all maintenance and building work and, most importantly, most saw this as a negative attribute.

That’s when we knew we were onto something exciting and I’ll tell you why: We keep it all in-house. Yes, that may seem hard to believe but let me break it down for you: Within our property management business, we employ people who are actually qualified and experienced in a range of industries, from trades, to pool technicians, fencing and general maintenance, to name a few. That’s right, no outsourcing at all. And if you check out our website, you’ll see that we also include a free yearly pest inspection to all of our clients. We can offer this service because we actually have qualified pest inspectors as part of our team.
Below we’ve come up with our 4 top reasons why NOT outsourcing trades and services make us the best property management service around.

Cost Effective

There is an ongoing debate in the property management world about the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing services. While initially, it may seem cheaper to do things this way, in the long run, correcting the mistakes of people who have no vested interest in your business can be costly. In our experience, not outsourcing means that we can keep our costs down and that’s reflected in our charges to you. We can keep our overheads down exactly because we have designed our business to actually do what we say we’ll do, which is manage your property. That means everything from inspections to building repairs and it also means that things get done in a timely manner, no waiting for other businesses to fit you into their schedule.

Protecting your Investment

So, we’ve established that having properly qualified people managing your property makes us a cost-effective option as a property manager but what else does all of our experience and skills mean for you. Well let’s break it down: One of the biggest complaints of both owners and renters is that when a problem occurs, outsiders, often different people each time, are sent to deal with an issue. These people most likely don’t know the property, nor do they have a vested interest in you or us, which quite often means a ‘band-aid’ solution. Employing a property manager who keeps everything in-house means our team gets to know you, they get to know the property and, yes, they’ll get to know the tenant too. When there’s a problem, we’re thinking long term solutions; we’re thinking solutions that not only keep the tenant happy while they are in your property but we’re thinking about the longevity of your investment property or future home.

Maintaining relationships

All of the skills we’ve talked about so far only compliment our traditional property management skills. Our customer service, good business sense and property legislation knowledge are also a top priority for us. We take our responsibility to you and your tenant very seriously, focusing on building positive, long term relationships with you both. Again, all of these services are in-house, no virtual assistants for us, and you’ll soon get to know our loyal and friendly staff with our reliable long business hours and emergency out of hours contacts.

We are property managers

The bottom line is this: Property management is our thing. It’s our passion, our drive and, pretty much, our whole life. We do not sell properties, we have one job, one focus and one driving force: happy clients. Managing properties, taking care of property owners needs and the needs of tenants is what we do. It’s not a sideline to selling homes or investment properties. This is why we can do it so successfully and at a lower cost. We’ve focused our business framework which allows us to offer prime services for your financial investment. At the end of the day, you can’t outsource passion.
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